Vikings, Antiques and Aged Item Investments

Between the 9th and the 11th centuries, the Vikings settled in the British Isles. They did not do this peacefully, but they would raid the coastal areas and once they overpowered the inhabitants, they would take up their place there.

They lived an interesting kind of life where they would use liquids to start a fire, spend their time farming and bury their dead in boats among other things. The name Vikings were adapted by those Scandinavians who engaged in overseas expeditions during that period.

During this period there have been many items that when found become valuable due to their age. Much like antique and aged items it can be smart to invest in older items such as pieces from the Viking age.

For example the Drinking Horn is a prized possession. True old peices are found in museums as their worth is extremely high. However it is unlikely that an everyday traveller will stumble across such a rare find. Nevertheless these items are unique and cool to acquire. If you wish to have your own we suggest heading over to this website where you can purchase one and drink like the Vikings of past times.

Vikings Also Engaged In Farming

One interesting fact about Vikings is that they used to farm. The notion that the world has today is that they were hostile as they raided and burnt villages. This has also been represented in movies. This unique community raised goats, sheep, cattle, and pigs among other animals while at the same time till the land to plant rye, barley, and oats.

The Dead Were Buried In Boats

This is another thing that made the life of the Viking Age unique. Boats were important in their daily lives and they were highly valued. According to what they believed, when one was buried in a boat or a ship, they would be happy and it would be easier for them to get to the next destination.

Slaves would be sacrificed and placed on prominent women and distinguished raiders when they passed on. In addition, valuable goods and weapons would be placed around the dead in the ship. For the ordinary people, they were buried in boats.

They Used Liquid to Start Fire

In different ages, different methods of starting fire have been used but Vikings had one of the most unique. Did you know that touchwood from tree bark and urine could start a fire?

This is what was used in the Vikings age. They would collect their urine and mix it with the liquid from the tree bark and then boil it after which they would strike it on something to bring the fire.

They Were Never Unified

Just because the Vikings were those Scandinavians that seek overseas expeditions did not mean they were unified. On the contrary, they used to fight against each other. This is another reason they are believed to have been chaotic and hostile wherever they were.

There are many facts about the Vikings but what stands out most about them is their hostility nature. In the areas that they lived, they belonged to tribes that were led by chieftains.